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Leaded Lights

We have been manufacturers and suppliers of traditional leaded lights since 1963.

We can manufacture lead lights from your own design or you can visit us and view some of the designs we have here at our base in London. We have a large range of glass and coloured glass on display and will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

We can manufacture and supply a wide range of lead lights, from basic cabinet lights, doors and windows, right up to large one-off designs as seen in churches and pubs.

What is a Traditional Lead Light?

Traditionally, leaded light windows differ from stained glass windows principally in being less complex in design, using simpler techniques and being far less expensive. While stained glass windows are found principally in churches and ornate buildings, leaded light windows are common and, from 1860 to 1930, were a regular architectural feature in many private houses and cottages, where their style is often a clue to the age of the building

Unlike stained glass windows which are traditionally pictorial or of elaborate design, traditional leaded light windows are generally non-pictorial, containing geometric designs and formalised plant motifs. Leaded light windows almost always employ the use of quarries, pieces of glass cut into regular geometric shapes, sometimes square, rectangular or circular but most frequently diamond shaped, creating a "diaper" pattern.

The colours employed in leadlight windows may range from delicate pastels to intense hues. The glass used may be textured or patterned or beveled. However, since they are generally non-pictorial, and are primarily to illuminate the interior, with or without a decorative function, the glass is usually of pale hue, or transparent.

Leaded Lights from Tenby & Penny Co. Ltd of London

We are long-established suppliers of leaded lights and are based in London. If you are interested in installing your own leaded lights, get in touch with the team at Tenby & Penny Co. Ltd today.

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